Lost in the Lanes opened its doors in August 2017. Our goal was to redefine the word café and to bring it in-line with current-day lifestyle preferences.  To create an eatery for local people that meets their daily food and coffee needs but also gives people a beautiful, life enhancing experience.

As for our inspiration – we love simplicity.

Simple, wholesome food made from quality ingredients, coupled with honest cooking techniques, so not to complicate food.

Simple, soothing design to enhance our customers’ pleasure when they choose to stop and rest.

Life is complicated enough.  At LOST we hope you will find delicious food that meets your daily needs and a place you can stop and recharge.


“Simple makes me happy. It tastes better, It looks better and it feels better.”
– Natalie Demetriou – Owner

Lost in the Lanes first opened its doors in August 2017. Our goal was to create a daytime restaurant and coffeeshop in Brighton’s historic lanes where you could be assured of finding not just a delicious brunch, lunch or coffee but also have a life enhancing experience.

At LOST we are inspired by ‘simplicity’. Our small menu is uncomplicated, using wholesome food made from quality, seasonal ingredients.  Our love of simple interiors and design is also immediately apparent when entering LOST.  The soothing tones, natural elements and uncomplicated lines provide a restful backdrop.  

At LOST we subscribe to the belief that ‘less is more’, offering a small but well executed menu.  We offer a single coffee blend from the excellent Hasbean Roastery and a seasonally changing daytime food menu that takes the needs of most diners into account.   

Chef James Flavell and his kitchen team spent months perfecting our signature breakfasts, elevating each individual element on the plate.  The simplest of ingredients cooked to perfection! We feel certain that we are now the proud purveyors of the best breakfast and coffee in Brighton. 

At LOST we are more than just breakfast.  Our brunch and lunch menu changes with the seasons offering familiar ingredients and interesting flavours.  Our warm, attentive hospitality creates a friendly, welcoming destination for foodies and coffee lovers alike.