LOST and Found.

Lost in the Lanes opened its doors on the 1st August, 2017.  We were new, we were finding our feet, we were a little unsure.  We had arrived at a party where we did not know anyone and everyone else knew each other.  A year on and we are still ‘feeling’ our eponymous name, but we are certainly no longer alone.  We are Lost in the Lanes but we have found friends. Lots of them.  Some like our coffee.  Some like our food. Our welcoming smiles and our ‘stay a while interior’.  We have friends that are mums, with their gorgeous babies, friends who have their business meet ups, friends who have their wedding breakfast with us, friends who get their same coffee every day, friends who want something special made just for them.  We feel part of something down here in little Nile Street.

We have flower friends, and hair friends, wine friends and bread friends.  We would be a little shabbier without all these Lanes favourites.  So, yes, we are Lost in the Lanes but, as the philosopher Thoreau wisely said… ‘Not until we are Lost do we begin to understand ourselves.’

We are definitely feeling a greater sense of purpose and identity now we have been embraced into this little lost corner of Brighton. Come and see us and find out for yourself.

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