What is Kipling doing at LOST?

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..

If you’ve ever visited us at LOST, you will have seen a line from Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘if’ adorning the walls.  We are in good company.  His poem has inspired many and is woven indelibly into many layers of our popular culture.  From Bridget Jones who declared  ‘poem is good. Very good, almost like self help book’.  To ‘The Simpsons’, Joni Mitchell and a recent Mission Impossible movie, Kipling’s advice to his coming of age son resonates with many.  His sentiment of holding steady in the face of differing opinions and influences seems even more pertinent today where the arrival of our electronic era has set us at a frantic pace.

So, on our minimal walls, we have a few timeless words as a daily reminder to slow down, live simply and well.   We hope you will find it ‘just so’ (pun intended) when you pop into LOST.  A place that by its very simplicity gives you permission, even encourages you to take a little longer over your coffee, linger over your lunch.  We aspire of course to provide coffee and food worth lingering over.  So come and FIND us in The Lanes; we would not want you to lose your heads afterall!

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