LOST In Coffee

At Lost in the Lanes we are extremely proud to be working with the lovely people at Hasbean coffee roastery.  For many coffee lovers, Hasbean will be a familiar and respected name.  They are not exactly new players, having spent the last 15 years developing their team and understanding of what makes coffees special.


At LOST we chose to team up with this excellent roastery as their ethos resonated with our own.  Their branding alone will tell you that they value ‘simplicity’ and developing an authentic product without gimmicks.  They are focused first and foremost on flavours and relationships.  They achieve this by sourcing the best coffees they can find, through a network of producers they have built long term relationships with.   At LOST we also value the relationships with our community and customers as well as delivering a simple but fabulous experience every time.


Hasbean roastery are committed to sourcing their coffee from growers that demonstrate process, variety, terroir and farming skill.  They do justice to these processes by roasting with care and timeliness to ensure the product is delivered fresh and importantly, profiled to maximise the individual coffees qualities.


Hasbean and LOST together, carefully selected  ‘Thundercloud’ as the house blend of choice. This dark and ‘stormy’ blend of 70% Nicragua (Finca Limoncello) and 30% El Salvador (Finca Argentina) makes for a full-bodied ‘dark chocolate’ coffee with notes of plum and currant.  It is a coffee that drinks equally well as an espresso or with milk.  Of course, we are very fortunate at LOST to have wonderful baristas who are trained by Hasbean’s very own Dale Harris (World Barista Champion 2017) INSERT LINK HERE https://www.baristamagazine.com/dale-harris-winning-wbc-part-one/ and who make this blend ‘sing’ on a daily basis.  The blend has been receiving wonderful feedback from customers and winning people over as their daily coffee of choice.   If you have not tried it yet, then do pop in and give it a go.  You will never look back!

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